ABASA News April 2016


We had a top day at Riverton on Sunday 10th. The new forge has come up really well after the reno’s. More light, space and safety all round.

It has been a long time coming, as our long term members would know, so I hope we can sustain a presence up there once a month.

If you haven’t been up there yet, I can highly recommend you drive up for a visit and have a go. From my place in the hills, it is the same distance as driving to Tailem Bend.


Haven’t heard the outcome of Kapunda Farm Fair as yet, but from what I have been told, it was pretty successful.


With the rain and showers of late, the carpet weeds are going berserk at Penfield. I reckon we need to keep on top of them when we get a chance, and then there’s the ant nests springing up. Hopefully, I have stopped the mice getting into the tea trolley. It now has a stainless steel base added to prevent them climbing up the legs.


We now have some steel stock in various sizes that we are purchasing. The materials come in 2-meter lengths. The price list is pinned to the notice board, so you will be asked to purchase a 2-meter length and take home what you don’t use for another day.


Just a note to the keyholders who come out to Penfield. Can you make sure you engage the door into the guide channels when you lock up, otherwise the door lock binds and makes it hard to unlock for the next session

I guess there will be more to add at the end of the month.


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