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Professional Geek & Beginner Blacksmith: As I approach retirement from computers, software & databases, I'm looking for something to engage the mind and keep me active in my golden years. Working with fire has always fascinated and I have been interested in Australian history for some time now. The combination of blacksmithing and a genuine historic shop really got me excited and I am now have a ball, pumping those old bellows at the Doddridge Forge in Angaston. I'm having fun learning new skills and while I'm no expert, I have already sold my first commission so technically that makes me a pro. ;) While I'm only learning at the forge, I am able to contribute to our association by managing this website. We have grand plans for future expansions. Feel free to hook up as friends here and ask me anything abut the site. I'm happy to help find your way around and always on the lookout for great ideas on how to make the site better. The answer is "Yes" ... What's your question?

AGM – 22 Sept 2016

The AGM Nomination form enables you (as a financial member) to nominate either yourself or another member to a position, or positions on the committee, for the 2016-2017 year.
If you are able to, fill out the WORD© version and post the attached file(s) to Chris Carter at
If you nominate multiple people to various positions, please make each nomination a separate document file.
The alternative way to nominate is to print off blank copies, fill them out by hand and return them by mail to our post box at :-
The Secretary
PO BOX 430
SA 5051
Please have the mail forms in the mail a week before the AGM, so that they can be collected and counted.
Any late post arrivals will not be counted.
As discussed in the attached Minutes, we are wanting to make a couple of changes to the Constitution.

Proposed Constitution Changes – 

1. Proposed by B.Dreyer

Simplifying the Full and Associate membership requirements.

2. Proposed by B.Dreyer

Bringing forward the A.G.M. date to August of the new financial year to bring our association into line with other associations present at Penfield.
3. Proposed by H.French
The requirement under 6.2 APPOINTMENT of the Constitution be amended under section 6.2 (a) to allow for “at least eight Officers”. This would allow the committee structure to grow with the association.
These items will be subject to discussion and vote at the AGM, to be held on the September 22nd 2016. The General meeting will follow on after.
This is our most important meeting, so please attend if possible. 
If you have any questions regarding the content discussed, please contact Rob Kenning before September 17th.

All Steamed Up 2016

“All Steamed Up” Event at Mannum

A gathering of working Blacksmiths in South Australia

With guest Blacksmiths from England

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November

REGISTER NOW to Participate 


An invitation is being extended to blacksmiths to join in this the second “All Steamed Up” at Mannum and the re-commissioning of the PS Mayflower.

This event brings together the largest gathering of blacksmiths in South Australia. This gathering is being fully supported by the MANNUM DOCK MUSEUM who are the primary movers of this event. The ARTIST BLACKSMITHS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA is working in full cooperation with the Museum to ensure that the event is a success. This is an opportunity to once again demonstrate that this wonderful age old craft is still very much alive. It should also be noted that Mannum commenced as a large blacksmithing community in the days of the Shearer Brothers who made agricultural machinery.

Every effort has been made to keep the costs down for attending blacksmiths and allow them to enjoy themselves and two days of forging. The following is what has been agreed to provide to each participating blacksmith:

  • A single ticket to for the B-B-Q dinner to be held on Saturday 19th . An extra ticket per blacksmith can be purchased at a cost of $20.00 if you would like to bring your partner.
  • Accommodation will be provided on the PS Marion for the weekend. There are 14 double cabins (bunk beds) so there may be a need to share a room. All bedding will be provided, however cabins will need to be locked as the PS Marion will be offering cruises on Saturday and Sunday. If bringing a partner we must be notified. As there is only a limited number of cabins and they will be allocated on a first in basis.
  • Extra accommodation is currently being investigated and notification of this will be forwarded as soon as available.
  • Forges, anvils, vices and steel will be provided. Personal forges can be used, please advise if bringing your own. Tools to be provided by individual blacksmiths.
  • Optional catering: BBQ tea Friday 18th, breakfast Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th for a cost of $50.00 per person (not compulsory).
  • Morning and afternoon tea will be provided for all participating blacksmiths.
  • Event registration and accommodation closes 17th October 2016 :

REGISTER NOW to Participate 


Hope you can join the Artist Blacksmiths Assoc SA Inc and the Mannum Dock Museum to make this event very special for the State and to relive the town’s blacksmith origins.

2017 Fees now due

Hi to all ABASA members,
Membership fees for ABASA are now due for the 2016 -2017 Financial year.
At our latest committee meeting held on the 16th of June, the committee members were appraised of our financial situation
for the coming year. With the decline in fund raising totals and the forecasted expenses we will incur in the new financial year, the committee
has voted in favour of applying a modest increase to the membership fees.
The fees for membership this financial year 2016-2017 shall be $120 for Full Membership and $90 for Associate membership.
The fee increase will be raised as an item at the AGM with a full explanation of our financial status by the Treasurer.
It may be helpful for you to know that ABASA only benefits from a small residual amount of the membership fees after AMSA Insurance
and Penfield Sports Association membership fees are subtracted. Something to the tune of $25 for full members and
less for Associates. As you can see, we are trying to operate on a very small amount of monies from our membership.
With the ongoing development of our new forge building and potentially higher operating costs for power and lighting, we need to
be very careful in ensuring that we remain solvent financially in the coming year and the future.
Your support is critical to the success of our association and we thank you each and everyone of you for your past support as a member.
For your convenience, you can pay your membership via BSB
The BSB Account number is 065-145
The Account number is 10331860 and the Account name is ‘ Artist Blacksmith SA’
Don’t forget to include your name and reason e.g. MBRSHP , so we know who has paid in.
Best Regards,
Rob Kenning
A.B.A.S.A Inc

A blog Post

Hi All,
This is an example blog post to let everyone know what we have been up to.

Rob Kenning and I have been squirreling away at producing this site to enhance the online services that we as an association can offer ABASA members. We still need the facility to have an open public web site where we can advertise our activities, but we also wanted the ability to cater for more members only content that can be controlled via a membership login.

We hope that we can offer useful material both on the activities of the Association and resource materials on the craft of Blacksmithing. Please comment and add to the discussion on what you would like to see added to our site. If you have seen something online that you think would go well here, then let us know. This site is intended to grow with content and new features as well.

In my world life is simple:
The answer is Yes! – What’s your Question?

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Cheers Hugh