Matt ‘Hammerz’ Slizankiewicz

Hi, my name is Matt ‘Hammerz’ Slizankiewicz.  Since 2004 I have owned and operated The Forgery Wrought Iron.  I have workshops in Truro and Dutton, yet traveling statewide is not a problem for us.  Currently, we are restoring and will be relocating into the 1875 Dutton Blacksmith Shop, which has been out of operation since 1942 when workers were called to war and literally dropped the tools where they stood.

From a young age, I’ve been a prolific artist, driven by my determination of perfection.  One of my many sayings is that ‘I learned to draw with an eraser’ correcting my work many times before the pencil line was perfect.  Today councils, parks, private homes, schools, corporations and government properties all share spots in my portfolio.

Restoration of Urrbrae House

Some of my more notable works are; Restorations of Urrbrae House {S.A first Govt House}

Reynella Cobb & Co, Helping Hand Aged Care Nth Adelaide.  Sculptures in Pioneer Park Truro,

Gates at Mercedes College and St Josephs College Tranmere. 

Matts ‘Wrought Iron Dog Bed’
Front cover of ‘Entropy’ Magazine

Also the inventor of the Wrought Iron Dog Bed and the front cover of Entropy Magazine in ’97’.

Ned Kelly


Mercedes College



‘Jerimiah the frog’ Sculpture
The Esplanade, Glenelg
Motley House, Glenelg





Brunswick St, Windsor Gardens
George St, Glenelg

Thank you for looking and I am available for all types of iron work and art work. 

I can be contacted by ph 0434 003 329 email

Also, you can like my facebook page

and check out the Dutton Blacksmith Shop

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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