AGM – 22 Sept 2016

The AGM Nomination form enables you (as a financial member) to nominate either yourself or another member to a position, or positions on the committee, for the 2016-2017 year.
If you are able to, fill out the WORD© version and post the attached file(s) to Chris Carter at
If you nominate multiple people to various positions, please make each nomination a separate document file.
The alternative way to nominate is to print off blank copies, fill them out by hand and return them by mail to our post box at :-
The Secretary
PO BOX 430
SA 5051
Please have the mail forms in the mail a week before the AGM, so that they can be collected and counted.
Any late post arrivals will not be counted.
As discussed in the attached Minutes, we are wanting to make a couple of changes to the Constitution.

Proposed Constitution Changes – 

1. Proposed by B.Dreyer

Simplifying the Full and Associate membership requirements.

2. Proposed by B.Dreyer

Bringing forward the A.G.M. date to August of the new financial year to bring our association into line with other associations present at Penfield.
3. Proposed by H.French
The requirement under 6.2 APPOINTMENT of the Constitution be amended under section 6.2 (a) to allow for “at least eight Officers”. This would allow the committee structure to grow with the association.
These items will be subject to discussion and vote at the AGM, to be held on the September 22nd 2016. The General meeting will follow on after.
This is our most important meeting, so please attend if possible. 
If you have any questions regarding the content discussed, please contact Rob Kenning before September 17th.

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