2017 Fees now due

Hi to all ABASA members,
Membership fees for ABASA are now due for the 2016 -2017 Financial year.
At our latest committee meeting held on the 16th of June, the committee members were appraised of our financial situation
for the coming year. With the decline in fund raising totals and the forecasted expenses we will incur in the new financial year, the committee
has voted in favour of applying a modest increase to the membership fees.
The fees for membership this financial year 2016-2017 shall be $120 for Full Membership and $90 for Associate membership.
The fee increase will be raised as an item at the AGM with a full explanation of our financial status by the Treasurer.
It may be helpful for you to know that ABASA only benefits from a small residual amount of the membership fees after AMSA Insurance
and Penfield Sports Association membership fees are subtracted. Something to the tune of $25 for full members and
less for Associates. As you can see, we are trying to operate on a very small amount of monies from our membership.
With the ongoing development of our new forge building and potentially higher operating costs for power and lighting, we need to
be very careful in ensuring that we remain solvent financially in the coming year and the future.
Your support is critical to the success of our association and we thank you each and everyone of you for your past support as a member.
For your convenience, you can pay your membership via BSB
The BSB Account number is 065-145
The Account number is 10331860 and the Account name is ‘ Artist Blacksmith SA’
Don’t forget to include your name and reason e.g. MBRSHP , so we know who has paid in.
Best Regards,
Rob Kenning
A.B.A.S.A Inc

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