Doddridge Forge

The Doddridge Forge, in the main street of Angaston, has been under the care of the Angaston and Penrice  Historical Society for many a year. It is equipped with two traditional flat brick forges with bellows and is full of interest to anyone keen to delve into the past of blacksmithing at the turn of the century.

The forge is open weekends and public holidays from 1 p.m. till 4 p.m. and entry to the public is via a gold coin donation.   

The forge is well attended by local Blacksmiths and Farriers as well as our members. A roster is made up every three months and members are most welcome to come up and try their hand at forging in a traditional setting.

There is always a keen interest shown by visitors, in the work of the smith, especially on public holidays and long weekends.

ABASA members who volunteer at Doddridge Forge can now access the current roster in the Members area under Rosters.


More information can be found @:

The Angaston and Penrice  Historical Society Website

The workshop Website



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