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           ‘The Bellows’ Issue #23 Posted

ABASA Gawler Show Blacksmith Competitions.
The show runs from the 23rd to the 25th of August:-
Click on the link below to download a copy of the Registration Form


ABASA 2019 Gawler show Description

ABASA 2019 Gawler show entry form

‘Doris’ Blacksmithing days

Sunday, July 7th   –  Penfield Forge

The first of many for female Blacksmiths and will be held thereafter on the first Sunday of every month. The workshop will be supervised by ABASA’S Artist Blacksmith Kirstie Stewart.

Beginners and experienced female blacksmiths are welcome. The day starts at 10 am until 3 to 4 pm.


Wand forging Workshop

ABASA Instructor -John Fergus will be holding a Wand forging workshop on Sunday the 30th June 2019. We have limited spaces available with the cost set at $15 -which includes materials.
Start time:   10 am till 3 – 4 pm

To register for this workshop, contact Doug Carruthers by SMS or email

Mobile: 0409 719 420‬


Blacksmith Books

The partner of our late A.B.A.S.A member, Peter Clarke, has a selection of his books on Blacksmithing up for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books, contact our Secretary, Doug Carruthers at

for a contact number.

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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