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Updated August 31st 2021 –  by Rob Kenning
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2021 -2022 Committee members


A new committee has been voted in for the 2021 -2022 period.

A.B.A.S.A’s new committee comprises the following members:

PRESIDENT -Doug Carruthers.

VICE PRESIDENT – Kirstie Stewart.

SECRETARY – Angela Cameron


TREASURER -Brian Dreyer.



Wayne Bickley

Chris Carter

Anthony Helbig

Tony Knight

John Fergus

Merv Lewis

Matteo Riboni

Congratulations to all.


JULY 14 2021


The latest information on the developing Safety protocols has been added to the website. Please check out SAFETY Tab to view the progress news. S.O.P’s will be added shortly when they are completed. Stay tuned.


MAY 4TH  2021


A.B.A.S.A. Inc, is a member of the Australian Mens Shed Association and our insurance policies are covered by them. A.M.S.A. has implemented a requirement for all Mens Shed members to formulate and develop a Safety System to create a safer and manageable work environment for our members. We have a group of members experienced in this task, and in the coming days, will be creating the safety systems, and putting them into place.

These systems will include the following:-

1. A complete Health Safety manual lockout tag out procedure.

2.- Weekly equipment checklist template.

3- A complete Health Safety manual lockout tag out procedure.

4.- Weekly equipment checklist template.

5.- Guide to machinery Safety.

6.- Risk assessments.

7.- Personnel protective equipment.

8.- Manual handling procedures.

9.- Induction of training.

10.- Daily pre start inspection.

11.- Preventative Maintenance.

12.-Skills register.

13.- Each item to be tagged corresponding with a Go No Go startup procedure check.

14.- All machinery tagged according to its work performance that is not identified as do it yourself only.

Progress on this initiative will be reported at the monthly meetings. Members are encouraged to keep abreast of the changes and be safety aware when you are working at the forge.


ABASA Monthly Meetings:- As of February 2021

Good News from Our President- Doug Carruthers.
Exciting News. First General Meeting in 12 Months. Chris Carter has done the leg work for us and has managed to secure the Empire Hotel at the Northern end of Prospect road for our first general meeting in exactly 12 Months. Same arrangements as our last venue.
Thursday 25th February 6 to 6.30 P.M. if you wish to eat prior to the meeting.
Meeting will commence at 7.30pm.  All Members welcome. Large carpark at the rear.
VERY IMPORTANT:- If you wish to attend, it is imperative that you register your intentions with me . You can either Text (0409719420) ,Email or ring me.
Please indicate if you are eating or just attending the meeting and if you will have anyone else with you.   This is the requirement by the Hotel who are happy to have us.  Contact me no later than Tuesday evening prior please. Thanks Chris for all your efforts.


We shall commence our weekly cycle of Tuesday and Saturday openings and Doris Blacksmithing days commencing Tuesday 26th May. Operation and Participation will be according to the following list of Musts. 

·      There will be a limit of Ten(10) Members Maximum on site at any given time.

·      Social Distancing rules of 1.5 meters  separation to be strictly observed. If you are not prepared to work under these conditions do not attend.

·      As we have 200 Sq meters of floor space the per meter age formula is easily observed.

·      Strict Hygiene of participants and tools and equipment are to be observed

·      Places at any forging day must be pre booked with the supervisor of the day who will decided when the books are closed . contact with the nominated supervisor is to be done preferably via phone but email is acceptable.

·      A registration sheet is to be filled in on the day of attendance. It only requires your name and telephone number. These sheets will be kept on-site and will only be accessed in the case of an infection.

·      If you are unwell especially with respiratory symptoms do not attend.

·      Attendance is strictly for members only. There will be no come and try days until further restrictions are eased 

Training Courses

The dates for the courses of 2021 will be posted shortly. Stay tuned.

Forging Fee and Coke. 

There has been a substantial increase in the price of forging coke. As a consequence, the forging fee will increase to $15(effective immediately)

A bag of coke now costs $35.00. we have a limited number on site. 

Wet area.

The new wet area is nearing completion and is currently being tiled. It will be operational on Tuesday 26th.

A huge thank you to those people who have been able to help during these difficult times. 

Doug Carruthers



Blacksmith Books

The partner of our late A.B.A.S.A member, Peter Clarke, has a selection of his books on Blacksmithing up for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books, contact our Secretary, Doug Carruthers at

for a contact number.

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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