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Our youngest member – Tina Herd, featured in an episode of Totally Wild on Channel Ten earlier this year.

The episode can be found on TenPlay on the link below:

TenPlay – Totally Wild Season 24 / Episode 9 – 1 Oct 2016

(for those who want to fast forward to Tina’s segment – She starts at the 16:30 minute mark on the video.

Well done Tina. 

Tina’s Bio:

My name is Tina. I first began blacksmithing at the age of twelve at the A & H Doddridge Blacksmith Shop in Angaston. I had wanted to give blacksmithing a go for a while. The Doddridge Blacksmith Shop had put an ad in the paper looking for volunteers so I volunteered. Since then, I’ve developed a love for metal and blacksmithing. I love the challenges that come with forging an intricate piece of ironwork and the fact that I’m constantly learning new techniques.

I’m currently studying history at university and once I’ve finished that, I would like to concentrate on my blacksmithing. My dreams are to someday have my own workshop and to forge my own swords.