The Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia was formed in 2008  to provide support, to further training, to share skills and provide communication and networking opportunities for our members and interstate colleagues.

A.B.A.S.A Inc currently has over 50 members ranging from beginners to very experienced blacksmiths.

We welcome anyone interested in the craft of blacksmithing, who is interested in practising, learning and sharing the knowledge of blacksmithing, in all its forms. Please join us in promoting the art of the blacksmith and educating the public about our craft.



Forging days for female blacksmiths will

be held on the last Sunday of the month from

February to November 2020

Hours are 10 am till 3 pm

Home Base: Penfield Forge (Within the Penfield Sporting Association grounds)

Open Times:  Saturdays, 10:00am  - 3:30pm

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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