2016 Penfield Forge Progress

December – 2016

The pace has slowed at Penfield after the huge Mannum event but the wheels of progress still keep turning. The Christmas party was a great success and thanks go to Jeanette and Catherine for catering the show.  We had 30 odd members present on the day and it was nice to have a concrete floor to party on. Speaking of concrete, we were pleasantly surprised to witness the new interconnecting floor between the forge’s, constructed by our own Greg Belet. As well as the floor Greg has helped us out with a truck load of quarry crush to stabilize the site earlier on. Greg has done a fantastic job of laying the floor the entire length of the old forge and incorporating the down pipes into the floor. Many thanks to Greg for a great job. As well, Geoff Barnes has made a beautifully engineered tool rack that is 10 foot long. I chanced to see it the other day and will post pics when it is installed. Thank

Greg has done a fantastic job of laying the floor the entire length of the old forge and incorporating the down pipes into the floor. Many thank’s Greg for a great job.

Geoff Barnes has been very busy in fabricating up a new tool stand along with a beautifully engineered tool rack. I chanced to see it them the other day and will post pics when the rack is installed. Thank you to Geoff, for your time and expertise in providing well-made tooling and equipment for the association.

A new floor courtesy of ABASA member, Greg Belet











With the new building erected, we have begun the process of organising the concrete floor. Our first step in that direction was to build a deep concrete base to house our ‘almost new’ 1 cwt. power hammer on.PowerHammer-webgallery

The concrete floor is due to be poured in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that important milestone. Once the floor is in, we can begin transferring equipment over to the new forge. After that, the installation of power, lighting and extraction.

April -2016

Another busy Working Bee today. The timber has finally been cleared and the boys raked up the bark. We chipped a lot of weed up, but it’s a huge job that really needs poison to wipe it out. Another job was clearing out the new shed ready for the concrete floor. Thanks to Geoff, Nick, Peter B, Chris F and Chris C, Leon and Catherine and Brian. Well done folks.


Well, the weather’s changing, the sour sobs are blanketing the block and the poor old gum tree is  pushing out new growth like there’s no tomorrow. Another milestone has passed with the laying of the new floor in the new forge. It looks magic. Thanks to Dave Gava for  a brilliant job. 

Concrete floor

Our next steps are to get a quote for some electrical work and get our recently purchased power hammer installed opposite the 1 cwt Massey. After the power goes in the lighting will be the next item to be fitted out. It might all seem a bit slow in the progress department, but we’ll get there.

I don’t think any of the original members from way back in 2008 could have envisaged what we have accomplished up to this point in time. More to the point, our members have done all of this with very little help from outside sources. Well done to our members and the committee for the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.

October 2016

The  following work has been done over the last few months:-

Electrical power outlets and lighting installed.

Rear door lock fitted.

1 cwt hammer bolted down.

The forges  are currently under construction by Andrew Hood at Farmweld. Hopefully, they will be installed soon in preparation for the post-Mannum penf-oct2016workshops.








Out in the main yard, the grass has had a close shave and most of the yard litter has been cleaned up. We have a good collection of rubbish and scrap metal to get rid of and hopefully we won’t accumulate any more trash.

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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