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Chris Fuller – Artistic Blacksmith Studio

A.B.A.S.A. Member – Chris Fuller

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My name is Chris Fuller, my forge is located in Magill, South Australia. I proudly own and operate Artistic Blacksmith Studio.PelicanDoor

Having been interested in metal work and metal art from a very early age, I pursued the art of Blacksmithing as a hobby and later, due to popular demand, turned my hobby into my full time career.

I get a lot of satisfaction from heating and shaping metal into art forms and practical items.

I specialize in Iron and Steel, making Wrought Balustrades, Gates, Fences and Sculptures, but I am not restricted to this limited list. I have had some unusual requests that have proven to be quite challenging.

Tool making has always been an asset in this field, as it allows me to produce the specialised tools to make my work easier or even possible.Flower

It pleases me that Blacksmithing is becoming very popular, especially with the younger generation and I have taken an active interest in assisting with training and support of their interest.


Every day brings a new adventure, a new skill, another challenge and total satisfaction. What more could a person want?

I encourage everyone to try their hand at Blacksmithing. You will never know what you are capable of unless you, at least try.Wrought leaves

There are plenty of knowledgeable and willing Artist Blacksmiths members that will help you achieve your goals.Lampmimosa