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Penfield Extensions 2015

Penfield Extensions 2015

RAISING OUR NEW FORGE:- The day began at 7:30 at our Penfield site. Our members rallied to the cause and helped the builders put up the framework for the new forge. A BBQ lunch was provided, courtesy of Jeanette, and as the day progressed, the framework took shape. The roof goes on tomorrow and the cladding on the third day. A fantastic result and well done to everyone in the crew.




Wisteria project 2015

Wisteria project 2015

The Centennial Park complex, located at Pasadena in South Australia, commissioned ABASA to produce a sculpture late last year. Jason Lewis ( the curator of Centennial Park) and ABASA Member, John Fergus, worked on the drawings and designs together.

The basic design was to be 2 meters wide and 1 meter high and to feature a wisteria intertwined into an S shaped form with the blossoms represented in blown glass. In January, John advertised the project start at Penfield and invited members to attend the forge and begin the process of hand forging leaves and small branches that would eventually be welded onto the main trunks. ABASA members rallied to the cause, with two workshops run at maximum capacity. John asked for the members to forge the bud tips in a semi opened state and that was achieved by everyone quite easily. When there was enough of the small branches forged the project headed over to John’s factory where the main trunk and wrap-around branches were forged. A couple of workshops ensued to form the sculpture to its final shape.

Over the last few weeks, the ‘Heysen’ Chapel at Centennial Park has been under-going restoration with an opening ceremony held on April 23rd. A.B.A.S.A members were invited to attend the opening to inspect the finished result and meet the Centennial Park staff involved in the exercise. We need to thank Jason Lewis and the staff at Centennial Park for affording us the opportunity to produce this lovely commission. It has been a fantastic achievement for us as an association and we are looking forward to the next challenge that comes along.

Thank you to all of the ABASA members involved over the course of the project.

The Wisteria Gallery

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