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Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) Inc Blacksmith Association Western Australia Australian Blacksmiths Association Queensland Artist Blacksmiths Association New South Wales

International Blacksmith Associations

British Artists Blacksmith Association Artists Blacksmith Association North America

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Sites of Interest

As part of our association with the Mens Shed Association we are pleased to provide the following links on their behalf:

Mesothelioma Cancer Network

Member Sites

We are happy to promote the fine work of our members and encourage all to support our local members.

Chris Fuller – Artistic Blacksmith Studio Andrew Hood – Farmweld

Thermal Insulation products

Advanced Thermal Supplies Littlehampton Brick

Steel Supplies (ABASA Sponsors)

Green Steel Supplies

Centrifugal Fans


Steel Recyclers

Denron Metals

Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia

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